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29 November 2007 @ 20:59
Teddy and Victoire's first 'sexual' encounter. They are only 14 and 13 but do not cross over the line. If Underage sexual touching is not your thing, please don't read.

Title: On the Beach
Author: pettybureaucrat
Rating: Hard R
Pairings: Teddy/Victoire; hint of past involvement Harry/Fleur
Warnings: UST, inappropriate sexual contact between minors, some sexual language
Words: 5000
Setting: Shell Cottage beach, summer of 2012
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and locations are property of JK Rowling. This is a work of adult fiction and is not intended to promote or condone the activities depicted herein.

Teddy Lupin was walking down the beach by Shell Cottage, enjoying the sun and the breeze. It was late August and probably the final time he would be here until next summer. He was heading towards some rocks at the one end of the open strand of sand.

“Will she be there?” he thought. “She said she would be, but her Dad really laid it on her earlier today for...for being topless.”

Teddy thought about all the times he, along with so many others - Weasleys, Potters, Longbottoms, and more - had enjoyed sunning and swimming at the beach here by Shell Cottage. Bill would roast a side of beef, Fleur would stew vegetables from her garden and the children would collect clams and crabs to be tossed into the pot over the open fire.

As young children, their parents had smilingly tolerated their running around the beach naked. The wizarding world did not regard the nude human body as particularly sinful or something to be ashamed of. Many of the older witches, including Fleur, her sister, Gabrielle, Ginny, even Hermione, occasionally, would also dispense with their brassieres and sun and bathe topless.

However, this summer, since Victoire had turned thirteen and was DEFINITELY not a little girl any more, her father had become a typical, overprotective Weasley male and told her to keep her top on. She had appealed to her mother and she overruled Bill, but reminded her nubile daughter that no one should be touching her, certainly not in public. Victoire had pouted and rightly pointed out that her father certainly fondled her - her mother - enough. And so did many of the other older couples.

Fleur sighed and said to her obviously hormone-overwhelmed eldest daughter, “We are married, ma gamin douce. You are much too young to allow zuch familiarity. Especially do not allow Teddy to touch you!”

Victoire had grumbled and frowned but said she would do as he mother said. But, as she and Teddy played in the surf she had said softly, “See those rocks? Explore them in, say, ‘alf...half an hour.”

So, as casually as possible, Teddy made his way to the indicated pile of boulders. He walked past one particularly large one and there, in a small, sandy alcove, was Victoire, lounging on a large blanket, totally naked.

“Victoire?” Teddy said nervously. “Wow! Umm, you...you really look, ahh, very, ahh, ahh...”

Teddy normally wasn’t like this around her. After all, they had basically grown up together, being barely a year apart in age. Teddy was fourteen, Victoire thirteen. The next oldest child, Victoire’s sister, Celestine, was only ten. Then the ‘flood’ started, with Urania Lovegood, Arabella Goyle, Lavender and Greg’s daughter, Andrew Nott, Ted Nott’s and Pansy Parkinson’s son, Victoire’s youngest sister, Lucienne, and Hannah Abbott’s and Ernie MacMillan’s twins, Miranda and Jonathan.

“Come, sit next to me, Teddy,” she breathed sexily, patting the blanket. “Oh, and take off zat...that silly suit.” Victoire was working hard on speaking unaccented English, but French had been her first language until she was eleven years old. Fleur taught her in it and spoke it with her whenever she could, as did her aunt, Gabrielle, and her French grandparents. Teddy thought it made her even sexier but she didn’t like being ‘different’ from all her friends at Hogwarts. Bill had been much more involved in raising Celestine and Lucienne who, while bilingual, spoke pretty much standard English with the merest hint of a French lilt.

“Umm, I think I’ll keep it on right now, if you don’t mind,” he gulped, his eyes drawn inexorably to her center. Victoire had started growing her pubic hair when she was only ten, but over the past school year it had become quite lush. It was pale, almost white, blond, much like the hair on her head. Her labia were prominent and a bright, cherry pink. Teddy could hardly miss them as she had her legs rather widely spread at the moment.

Victoire pouted and said, “You know ‘ow...how much I like seeing your body, Teddy. Why are you being so...so shy?”

Why am I?” Teddy thought.

“Well, I may take it off in a little bit, but, well, what did you want to do here, Vic?”

“Just...just snog and, well, maybe fondle each other just a little?” she said, a slight flush making her sun-pink face a little pinker.

This was something new. Teddy had started snogging Victoire rather seriously in the middle of her second year. He knew, deep down, that he shouldn’t be doing it, she was still only twelve at the time they started hiding in broom cupboards and sneaking into empty rooms. But her lips were so sweet and her tongue so warm and wet and facile that he just couldn’t stop himself. Neither of them realized that since Victoire had hit puberty, her Veela attributes had begun manifesting themselves, including her pheromones, the Veela’s ‘weapon’ of enticement.

Teddy smiled down on the gorgeous blond, then leaned over and kissed her warmly and deeply. Victoire’s arms immediately wrapped around his neck and pulled him tightly into her body, her firm, shapely and still-growing breasts flattening erotically against his bare, slightly hirsute chest.

Victoire’s facile tongue wormed its way between Teddy’s lips and began to twist and twine with his own. Soft moans issued from both their throats as Teddy leaned in on her harder as her arms hugged him ever more tightly to her nude form.

“Touch me, touch me! Down there!” she murmured as she broke the kiss for a moment.

“Victoire...,” Teddy whined, desperately wanting to touch her but knowing that it was just wrong. They were both simply too young to seriously contemplated actually having intercourse with each other.

“Please, a little! Just a little! Un peut! S’il te plait!”

Teddy couldn’t resist when she begged him in French. His right hand slowly, teasingly, traced down her soft, flat stomach, finally encountering the first, fine hairs of her neatly trimmed triangle.

He sucked in his breath a little. It was so, so soft, but so different than the beautiful hair on her head.

“Please, please,” Victoire whimpered, “harder! Rub...rub me. There! Please!”

Teddy’s hand seemed to acquire a mind of its own, his index and middle finger parting her soft, wet folds and finding the hard, little nub nestled within. He began rubbing with in a circular motion, her hips quickly responding and beginning to rock and push up at him softly.

“So good!” she murmured.

Her hand reached over and pulled his trunks down enough for his large, aching hard on to pop free. He groaned into her mouth as her soft, warm hand encircled it, her thumb stroking the tip and gathering the pre-come leaking from it.

“Victoire!” he groaned. “Don’t - we can’t - we...we shouldn’t be...”

“Put your fingers in me! In me!” she demanded.

His fingers left her now engorged clit and slid down the slick, pink fissure to her virgin opening. Her nether lips were swollen and wet, her cunt was hot and soaking as his fingers softly entered her and gently parted the tight, silky walls of her virginity.

“Yessssss!” she sighed into his mouth, her tongue ravishing his.


They both started, separating quickly and looked up to find Harry standing at the bottom of the blanket, his face in a frown.

Oncle ‘Arry!” she cried.

“Da...da...Dad!” Teddy gasped.

Harry let his lips twitch just a trifle. Teddy only called him Dad when he was really flustered, which he most obviously was right now.

Harry had noticed Teddy disappear behind the rocks and when he hadn’t reappeared in a few minutes, he went to investigate. He had listened for a minute or two and had heard Victoire begging Teddy for attention and when his godson finally gave in, decided to let them have a minute or so of forbidden pleasure before interrupting them.

He couldn’t really blame Teddy for giving in. He had watched Victoire grow up but was still amazed at how beautiful and near-irresistible she had become in the last year. Harry had barely been able to resist Gabrielle’s fourteen-year-old enchantments when she came to visit Bill and Fleur for the summer before he and Ginny were married. And Victoire, if anything, was even more beautiful and sexier than her incredibly alluring aunt.

“I’m not really mad at you two,” he told them levelly, his eyes stern. “But, you know you are both much, MUCH too young for this sort of behavior. Ted, pull your trunks up. Victoire, put you bottom on, at least. I’ll give you a minute to have a last kiss, then come with me.”

He turned and walked beyond the rock, out of sight.

“I...I love you, Teddy!” Victoire cried, hurling herself into his arms and kissing him passionately, her bare breasts again erotically pressed into his chest.

“Victoire!” Teddy gasped. “I...I don’t know what...what to say. To do. You...you love me? You can’t mean that.”

“I do,” she wept. “Do...do you feel anyzing...anything for me?”

He hugged her tightly, kissed her very hard. He reluctantly pushed her away and stood up, tucking his now deflated penis back into his trunks.

“I...I just don’t know, I just don’t,” he mumbled. “Victoire! I’m only fourteen. You’re a year younger. It’s just...just too much, too soon. Of course I like you, but...but love?”

She pulled her thong back up her shapely legs and settled it on her hips. It barely covered her pubic triangle and completely exposed the two firm, tanned hemispheres of her perfect, heart-shaped ass.

“I...I just feel so...so strongly about you, Teddy. I have since I was a little girl. Please. Do you feel anything for me?” she sniffled.

He grabbed her and hugged her to him, kissing her deeply. “I do, I do, I do,” he sobbed. “We just can’t let ourselves get out of control, though. It’s just too soon, we’re just too young yet. A couple more years and then, well, then...”

Harry walked back around the rock and said, “Time’s up. Come on, you two. Ted, you and I are having a talk tonight. Victoire, well, I won’t say anything to your folks, but you know you need to talk to them, especially your mother. Some of what you’re feeling right now may not be your fault.”

He walked them back towards the cottage, smiling just a little to himself as their hands clasped each other’s almost unconsciously.

The gathering was breaking up anyway. School started in four days and Teddy was starting his fourth year, Victoire, her third. Her sister, Celestine, would start the next year, then a large number of children from the ranks of the old D.A. would start the year after that.

Bill frowned as Victoire walked up, hand-in-hand with Teddy and topless. He opened his mouth to scold her when he noticed Fleur’s glare and closed it again, simply letting out an angry growl.

“Ron, Hermione,” Harry asked, “could our kids go to your place for an hour or two? Gin and I need to have a talk with Teddy and Andromeda.”

Ron frowned but Hermione, quickly realizing what had probably gone on, said, “Of course, Harry. No problem. In fact,” she smirked, “we’ll keep them all night. Not that you and Ginny could possibly want any alone time.”

“Not a bit,” Harry smirked right back. “We owe you two. Thanks,” he concluded, kissing Hermione’s proffered cheek and slapping Ron on the shoulder as they Flooed off with their own two kids and his three in tow.

Teddy and Victoire shared a final, tight hug and a chaste kiss and then he went through the Floo with Harry and Ginny.

“Victoire...” her father began, his eyes flashing dangerously and a growl in his voice.

“Guillaume!” Fleur snapped. “I will take care of zis. Victoire, go to your room, s’il vous plait. Celestine, Lucienne, you may stay outside for awhile yet, if you wish, and ‘elp your Papa clean up ze beach.”

The children took the hint, Victoire retreating inside and her two younger sisters walking off and starting to gather up blankets and towels.

“She needs to disciplined, Fleur,” Bill said harshly, before Victoire was out of earshot. “A good spanking for acting so childishly. Especially when I told her to keep her top on. You don’t think she and Teddy actually...actually...”

“If they did, it iz too late to do anyzing about it now,” Fleur answered, her own temper rising. “‘Owever, I am sure Victoire iz still pure. A spanking? You cannot be serious, Guillaume. She is thirteen! A woman almost full grown. ‘Oo would spank ‘er? You?”

Bill paled suddenly. When Fleur called him ‘Guillaume,’ especially when she was angry, it did not bode well. Bill and Fleur had a solid marriage, but his innate, Weasley-male protectiveness and, yes, even a touch of chauvinism, did not sit well with his fiery and high-spirited wife. She had left him on two separate occasions in the past over his attitude towards her, and women in general, and although the separations were brief they drove home to him that she was not the simple, obedient, sexual bed toy that her looks led most everyone else to assume she was.

“No, of course not,” he conceded. “I’m sorry, Fleur. I...I just don’t know what to do to control her, though. Are Cel and Lucy going to be like this, too? I may not survive, if they are.”

Fleur was still angry, but she took a couple of deep breaths and said, “Look at ze two of zem, Beell, and tell me, what do you zee?”

He looked at the two lovely little girls and shrugged. “I...I don’t understand what you mean, Fleur.”

“Zey are Weasleys, Beell. Red ‘air, deep blue and brown eyes, freckles. Zey are like your sœurtte douce, your Ginny,” she said, calming a little. “Now, tell me, what do you zee when you look at Victoire?”

Bill understood. “I see you.”

She gave him a small smile and a light kiss. “Exactement. For whatever reason, ze Veela blood runs true in ‘er. She is no different zan I was at ‘er age, or Gabrielle. I was even worse, actually. You know I wasn’t a virgin when we met, Beell...”

“Neither was I,” he reminded her.

“I know,” she smiled softly, then added naughtily, “and I was positively delighted with our first time because of zat. One reason I love you zo much iz zat you never ‘eld my past against me. I am what I am, Beell, and part of what I am is Veela. And zo is Victoire. It was not all zat long ago zat a Veela witch was allowed to - even expected to - give up ‘er innocence at a very young age. Even when I was growing up, I ‘ad men asking for - demanding - my...my virginité when I was as young as twelve. I managed to last until I was fifteen, Beell. And Gabrielle, as you know, was only fourteen when she...she gave ‘ers up.”

Bill remembered that, it had been something of a scandal. Gabrielle had come to stay the summer of 2000 and spent most of it trying, unsuccessfully of course, to seduce Harry. At the wedding reception, Neville Longbottom had asked her to dance and she accepted. As they talked about this and that, his role in the final battle at Hogwarts came out and she figured if she couldn’t have Harry, another ‘hero’ would do just as well. Neville, although modestly experienced with witches, was basically putty in her hands and the two of them had apparated back to his house where he proceeded to deflower the gorgeous, young Veela in an amazing night filled with passion and ecstasy.

When his Grandmother, Augusta, found them together the next morning, she practically had a seizure. Gabrielle’s parents, naturally, were enraged and mortified and threatened Neville with dire retribution. However, all turned out for the best when the couple announced that they were truly and deeply in love with each other and wanted to marry as soon as Gabrielle was finished with school. Now, their oldest child would start at Hogwarts in three years.

“So, you’re saying Victoire will...will lose her virginity very soon?” Bill asked sadly.

“She may,” Fleur said, “but it depends on Teddy and what ‘Arry ‘as to say to ‘im tonight. She wants no one else as ‘er first man, so she will lose it whenever she manages to seduce him or when ‘e decides it is time for zem to...to be one.”

Bill nodded and Fleur kissed him sweetly, promising, “I will talk with ‘er now and once ze children are all asleep, mon amant, you will find me very, very, umm, grateful to you for being such a wonderful, understanding father, ‘usband and... lover.”

Fleur went to Victoire’s room, found her eldest daughter lying naked, face down on her bed, weeping into her pillow. She turned her head as the door open, her pale, blue eyes filled with tears.

“I...I ‘ave...have prepared myself, Maman. You...you may punish me now.” Fleur resisted smiling as her daughter clenched her beautiful nether cheeks in preparation for her spanking.

“Victoire, ma gamin douce, ma belle fille,” she said sweetly, as she sat down on the bed and pulled Victoire up into her arms and hugged her tenderly. “No one is going to punish you. Certainly not for something that is truly not your fault.”

Victoire continued to weep, “But...but, I was bad, very bad. I...I made Teddy kiss me, touch me and...and I liked it. I liked it so much. But, Oncle ‘Arry, ‘e...he was upset with me, with us. I...I just don’t know what to do, Maman. I love Teddy, but ‘e...he says we are still too young.”

Fleur stroked her daughter’s beautiful, pale blond hair, kissed her cheeks and daubed the tears from her face with the hem of her shirt.

“You are not bad, my sweet child. You are Veela. And, being Veela, you are simply going to be subject to cravings other girls your age are not. Zese cravings, in and of zemselves, are not good or bad, zey are simply what you make of zem,” Fleur tried to explain. “I explained what it means and what ‘appens when a witch and a wizard make love to each other to you when you started ‘Ogwarts because I knew zat you would soon be tempted to...to experience love. True, physical love. All Veela ‘ave zis craving, it iz part of what you are. Learning to control it will be ze most important lesson I can teach you, ma douce.”

“But...but I want Teddy to be my first. My only, if possible,” Victoire sniffled. “I love ‘im...him. Is that so wrong?”

“No, love is never wrong, ma petite. But, you cannot ‘force’ Teddy or...or he may not want to stay with you after you ‘ave given yourself to ‘im.”

“I want him. I want him so much. But...but I want to be loved, make love. If he won’t, what can I do, Maman?” she asked, weeping softly again.

Fleur took her daughter’s lovely face between her hands and lifted it up. She stared into Victoire’s pale, blue eyes with her own nearly identical orbs and said softly and sadly, “Zen, you will lose it to someone other zan Teddy. Teddy iz a fine boy, a wonderful boy, and it iz obvious ‘e cares for you. Cares for you a great deal. But, ‘e iz only fourteen and iz simply not prepared for ze sort of commitment zat you want from ‘im. I doubt if any fourteen-year-old wizard would be, my child. Veelas love with passion, but once zey ‘ave mated, with fierce loyalty. I am somezing of an exception, Victoire. I loved many men - I am not even sure ‘ow many - before your father and I pledged ourselves to each other. Gabrielle, on ze other ‘and, after Neveelle opened ‘er, loved maybe three or four men while she was in school and away from ‘im. ‘E was upset, but ‘e understood what Veela are and once she was done with school, ‘e married ‘er.”

“So, if...if Teddy is my first, but does not stay with me,” asked Victoire, “I am doomed to be a...to be a whore?”

Fleur colored a bit at this, but calmed herself. “Zat iz an ‘arsh word, mon poulot, but unfortunately true, more or less. I was a whore, if you will, before I met your father. But, after our first time, I was ‘is and ‘is alone. If your first man does not turn out to be your soul mate, votre âme sœur veritable, zan you may very well make love to excess. Once opened, a Veela needs sex, it is what we are.”

“I do not know what to do, Maman. I don’t know ‘ow...how much longer I can wait for Teddy. I...I, Merde! I ache for it, Maman. Why does being a Veela mean you are cursed?” Victoire lamented bitterly.

“You are not cursed, ma petite, do not zay zat,” Fleur cried, hugging her confused and frustrated daughter tightly. “You may find zat once you are opened just ze occasional encounter will keep you satisfied until you can live with someone as mari et épouse, ‘usband and wife. All Veela are different. I needed it, needed it often. Gabrielle needed it as well, but only occasionally. Ze longer you wait, ze older you are, ze more likely you are to not ‘need’ it as often. If you can wait until you are sixteen, even fifteen, your life may not be as ‘ard as you fear.”

“I...I will do my best, Maman,” Victoire said with a sigh. “I do not want to shame you and Papa. Or myself.”

“You will never, never, shame us, ma douce, never,” Fleur told her firmly. “It iz no shame to be Veela. Whenever you are ready to...to surrender yourself, we, your father and I, will understand and stand by you.”

Andromeda Tonks was mildly surprised when Harry and Ginny showed up in her Floo along with her grandson, Teddy. One look at Harry’s stern face, though, told her that ‘serious talk,’ might be imminent. She knew Harry had told Teddy the basic facts of life before he started at Hogwarts, but apparently some additional information and warnings were needed.

Harry wasted no time. Once they were all settled in the parlor with something to drink, he said to his godson, “Ted. Exactly how far did you go with Victoire today?”

Teddy blushed red. He was terribly shy when discussing sex with Harry anyway. With Ginny and his Grandmother present, he was practically tongue tied.

“Only...only what you saw, Dad, honest!”

“I saw her hand around your penis, Ted, stroking it!” Harry said, quite agitated. “And you! You had your fingers INSIDE her!”

“But...I...we...,” he stammered, looked helplessly at his Grandmother and Ginny.

His pleading look was not lost on Andromeda, who said, “Ginny, why don’t you and I go to the kitchen and have our own talk?” Ginny quickly nodded and agreed and the two women left Ted and Harry alone.

“Well, Teddy?” Harry asked, firmly but with sympathy in his tone.

“I...I didn’t want to, honest, Dad,” Ted mumbled. “She...she pulled my trunks down, grabbed me. She begged, cried even, for me to...to touch her. Once...once we started kissing I was...I was - I just couldn’t help myself. I swear! I wasn’t going to go any further. I swear I wasn’t! I...I just couldn’t resist her. I know that sounds lame, but I couldn’t!”

Harry came over to the couch where Ted was sitting, sat down next to him, and put a fatherly arm around his shoulders.

“Ted, really, I understand. I’m not mad at you - I mean angry mad - but I am a little disappointed and, yes, worried,” Harry told him sincerely. “God knows, Victoire is hard to resist. I came so, so close, several times, to giving into Gabrielle that summer before I married Ginny. I know what Veela are capable of. At Hogwarts, during the TriWizard Tournament, Fleur didn’t even have to try to tempt me. I think every wizard there was her slave from the moment we saw her. When she kissed me for saving Gabrielle, I would have fought every other man there for her. I was so, so angry when I heard the stories of the guys at Hogwarts who supposedly were shagging her - Cedric, Viktor, Roger, Marcus. I wanted her to be pure so that I could be her first man.”

“Were you?” Ted asked impishly.

“I should put you over my knee, Lupin,” Harry growled, then laughed. “Fleur is not ashamed of what she was before she took up with Bill. I was just a ‘little boy’ to her at Hogwarts, Ted. She wasn’t interested in little boys. You, however, are not a little boy to Victoire. It is painfully obvious, Ted, that she wants you for her first man.”

“Er, yeah,” he admitted, red faced. “She’s said that to me. Several times. Dad, Harry, I...I just don’t know what to do. How to resist. I’m not sure I CAN resist too much longer.”

“Pomfrey has told me that she did a lot of research on Veela once she knew Victoire was going to Hogwarts rather than Beauxbatons. I’ll talk with Bill and Fleur as soon as I can about it. She may have some potions that can, well, reduce some of Victoire’s cravings and calm her libido a little. It’s not really healthy to interfere with natural urges like that, but it may be necessary in this case, at least for a period of time. For whatever reason, Ted, the Veela blood runs almost pure in Victoire, more pure than either Fleur or Gabrielle. She can’t help what she is and what she is experiencing.”

“So, what am I supposed to do, Dad,” Ted cried helplessly, “when she...she tears my clothes off in the common room and...and impales herself on me?”

Harry had to laugh at the image. “At that point, Ted, all you can do is lie back and enjoy it. There’s going to have to be a meeting of you and me with Victoire and her parents, or at least, Fleur. I can’t see Bill agreeing to setting a date for you to deflower his favorite daughter.”

“DAD!” Teddy screamed, embarrassed and shocked.

“It wouldn’t be so crude, Ted. Stop panicking,” Harry told him with a smile. “No, it would simply be a discussion of the earliest that you two could safely indulge in sex and what we would expect from the two of you afterwards. I know it sounds very clinical and unromantic, but being in love requires some practical thought as well. When it becomes impossible for the two of you to resist, we would want to make sure that nothing, well, goes wrong, if you get my meaning.”

“Er, yeah, Dad,” Teddy mumbled, blushing. “She says she already knows the Contraceptive Charm. Er, so do I,” he confessed.

Harry snickered, then said, “I won’t ask who you learned it from, Ted. You not trying to tell me that you...”

Teddy blushed so much his hair turned fiery red as well as his face. “NO! Honest, Dad! I haven’t! I swear!”

Not that I haven’t been tempted,” he thought to himself. “Samantha Atkins is just the sexiest thing on two legs and she’s told me she might be interested. God, I sure hope so!”

“I believe you, Ted,” Harry assured him. “I don’t think there’s too much more to discuss right now. If you can hold off until she’s fifteen, Ted, that would be the best for everyone. Sixteen would be better, but, I don’t think she can wait that long. But, please, not before she turns fourteen. Promise me!”

“I promise, Dad, I do,” Ted swore.

The ‘talk’ between Harry, Teddy, Fleur and Victoire was embarrassing for all four of them, but in the end, everyone was satisfied.

Ted and Victoire swore not to have intercourse with each other any sooner than Yuletide of her fourth year. Victoire said she would understand if Ted acquired ‘experience’ prior to that, in fact, she snickered impishly, “Zat...that might be for the best so you can, ahh, give me pointers on how to please a man, n’est-ce pas?”

Fleur said at this point, “Victoire! Just because we ‘ave said zat it would acceptable for you and Teddy to...to give yourselves to each other at zat time, does not mean zat you must do so. Please, ma douce, consider everyzing carefully before yielding your innocence. Promise me!”

“I will, Maman, I swear,” Victoire told her mother, hugging her tenderly, then giving Ted and a very leery Harry a warm, tight hug as well.

Victoire naughtily and shameless rubbed her delectable body on Harry, making him blush scarlet when his cock responded to her ministrations.

He pushed her away with a sigh, mumbling, “What is it about me and Delacour Veelas? Ted, Victoire, go to the parlor and snog, alright? NO hands inside clothes, understand?”

The young pair left hand-in-hand, giggling happily.

“So, ‘Arry,” Fleur smirked, coming over and sitting next to the still-flustered wizard. “You ‘ave a weakness for Delacours, do you?”

Harry gathered his wits and pulled her into a hug, “Yeah, I do. One in particular.”

Fleur laughed and her lips descended on Harry’s. They kissed with fierce passion for a couple of minutes, then Harry pulled away from her.

“That’s enough, Fleur, really,” he panted, his eyes telling the true story.

“Yes, it is,” she agreed, her perfect breasts heaving with desire under her tight shirt. “Zo, do you zink zey will last until next Yuletide?”

Harry shook his head, “Next summer, on the beach, at the latest.”
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