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25 June 2009 @ 00:46
T/V Intro Post by Mandi  
Hi! I'm Mandi and I'm here to share my Teddy/Victoire fanart. (I think they're darling, and, for whatever reason, Hufflepuffs.)

All links go to my deviantART journal which ranges from G to NC-17 art, but the only art I will be posting here is G to PG-13. Please be warned that there is mature content in other areas of my deviantART as well as LiveJournal accounts if you are of mind to avoid intimate themes. Thanks for listening to that little drabble... Onto the Teddy/Victoire art!

Teddy Loves Victoire
T/V: Sharing A Hufflepuff Scarf
T/V: Midnight Broomstick Ride
T/V Kiddos: OINK!
T/V: Pennies From Heaven WIP

Other Linkies:

My Harry Potter dA Gallery Mostly only rated R at the heaviest, but since I am uncertain, I won't commit to that. I think it's mostly clean art, though.

My dA page Be warned; all ratings of various drawings on this page!

Thanks, hope you all enjoy!

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